Making my dreams come true

9 Apr


The past couple of days have definitely been exciting and life changing. I’m a step closer to continuing my education. That has been so important to me from day one and now that my son is going to be 2 in a few days the urgency has picked up for me. Another thing I’m sooo excited about is picking up where I left off on my at home business. I loved what I was doing but I had to take a step back and re evaluate some things going on in my life to come back and give my all! So I’m back better than ever! I’m a fulltime mommy and wife, working my business through my phone bettering myself, while

helping others better themselves and work towards financial freedom! I will be doing this all while hitting the books! It’s all possible my team mate’s have done it and so will I! This is my year so watch out here I come!!! Who is coming with me?!! I’m looking for 3 individuals that are ready to take the leap of faith that can change everything!!!

BTW this busy mom is wearing NYX lingerie in EXOTIC and it did not come off during my busy day! Great lipstick for a busy boss momma!


A Splash of Color

22 Mar


Used my Lorac 2 Pro pallete for my eyes & NYX liquid Suede Cream in Amethyst.


21 Mar

Hi beauties! So I’m really excited to write about Dermadoctor today. I had the pleasure of getting a skin consultation with the Dermadoctor staff at Sephora that I have been in dire need of! My skin is oily acne prone but I’ve been experiencing dry spots lately and that are sensitive and itchy.

So it was confirmed that yes I have oily skin but the dry AZ weather plus some products I’ve been using has caused these dry spots.

So the man that helped me ( I wish I would of gotten his name) recommend 3 Dermadoctor products and 1 product that I’m already using.

1. Cleanse with the Kakadu C Brightening Daily Cleanser.
2.  Kakadu C Amethyst detox clay mask twice a week
3.  Wrinkle revenge rescue & protect facial cream
4. At night remove my makeup with the Philosophy Purity Cleanser( has been my HG makeup remover)then put on the Wrinkle revenge moisturizer

So far I was only able to purchase the Kakadu C cleanser. It’s normally $36 but I got it 50% for $18 at Ulta yesterday yay! I also got a sample of the moisturizer to last me the week but I will definitely be buying it this coming weekend! And hopefully get the clay mask next week! The products are pricey but so far I’m loving how my skin feels and looks!


Here is what the cleanser looks like.

I will update you all after I purchase the whole system and have been using it for a few weeks! I am so excited!!!

Until next time!

When to replace your Beauty Blender…

18 Mar

Hello beauties! It’s been a very long time! Life has been non stop busy for me lately. I hardly get the chance to sink into my couch and catch up on my blog while I binge on some Netflix… ahhhh that sounds amazing!

Anyway today I mourn the loss of my Real Techniques Miracle complexion Sponge ( they really need to do something about that long ass name hence my beauty blender title). I’ve had that thing for months. I’ve realized it was time due to the random tears and it not performing as well any more.

It got me thinking how long should we keep before we toss? It also made me wonder what the inside looked like. I admit even though I washed it everytime I used it I was a bit terrified. I’ve read horror stories of mold growing in the sponge. So I cut it and was surprised.


This is what it looked like.
I think I did a pretty good job at cleaning this thing.

After sadly tossing it in the trash I took to Google and found out that in reality it should be replaced every other month, but if taken good care of it it can be stretched out to 3 months.
It’s recommend to completely cover in some type of liquid soap or brush cleanser (they now have cleansers specifically for sponges) and rinse thoroughly until water is clear. I usually use baby shampoo it’s so gentle, gets the job done and doesn’t break me out.

Now that I’m in need of a new sponge I’ve been thinking of buying the original Beauty Blender but iffy because I really loved this miracle sponge. I’ve read mixed reviews some people love both, some say nothing compares to the BB and others like the Real Techniques sponge better.

What is your opinion? Which should I buy?

I need opinions!

13 Mar

Sorry beauties I have not posted for a while! I’ve had a busy last couple of weeks with my son’s therapy and getting settled into our new place and my husband is starting school this Monday. Not to mention I’m looking into going back to school as well! Whoa whoa whoa enough of the real world for a moment lol.

So I need opinions ladies and gents. I’m looking into investing into some makeup brushes. I’ve been looking into Morphe, but don’t know where to start. I’ll take any suggestions. I’m not into MAC. They’re a little too pricey and they’re not cruelty free. To each their own of course ☺. Anything will help!

Maybelline FITme! Matte+Pore less foundation

27 Feb

Guys I’m so excited about this foundation! I received it free from Influenster to review. So all opinions will be my own!
You can imagine how excited I was to receive this in the mail! The color is 335 classic tan. This shade is a few shades darker than me, but I was actually really happy about that because I needed a darker one for contouring.

The foundation claims to be for normal to oily skin. It says it is matte and suppose to help your skin appear Pore less. The bottle is cute and sleek glass bottle. Although I wish it was a pump.

Here is the bottle:


So let’s get to my opinions! Since the color was too dark I couldn’t use it all over my face. So I used it to contour. It was really easy to work with! Very blendable. It feels very comfortable on the skin not heavy at all. On my skin( I have oily skin) I would say it’s a demi- matte, and it did help with blurring my large pores. I had to blot once. The color is just a beautiful glowy tan color. I absolutely love it!

Yes I would recommend this foundation and I can’t wait to buy one to match my skin tone!

Here is a picture with me wearing it:


Until next time have great weekend!

Loreal Infallible Pro – Matte 24 hour foundation UPDATE!

27 Feb

Hello Beauties! Hope you all had a great Friday! I had a long week! This week I attended a workshop all week and had to leave my son for the first time, boy was that hard! Anyway, about a week ago I had told you guys how much I disliked the Loreal infallible pro- Matte foundation. Well turns out it wasn’t the foundation at all. It was my skin.

Yup turns out that certain foundations are made for certain skin types. Well no s*** right?! You’d be surprised how many people are trying the wrong products. My skin is usually really oily but for a couple of weeks my skin was really dry and had dry patches. Well this foundation was sticking to them and made it uncomfortable to wear and nearly impossible to blend. Now that my skin is back to normal I am loving this foundation! As the bottle says it feels like air on your skin. It’s matte and easy to blend with my Real Techniques Miracle Sponge. The color is the perfect match.

So what I’ve learned is to not try new products when my skin is out of wack. And this truly is a great drugstore foundation. I recommend this for my oily skin gals and gents. If you have dry skin run!

Here is a picture of me wearing the foundation:


Until next time stay beautiful!

Makeup & fitness

21 Feb

Hello beauties just a quick little post today. Am I the only one that wears workout clothes with a full face of makeup? LOL

Double wear foundation
Fit Me Concealer
Morphe 35O pallete
NYX eyebrow gel
Lorac contour pallete
NYX foreplay blush
Mary-lou Manizer highlight
Wet N Wild bare it all lipstick
NYX Sugar Pie lip gloss


Why do you hate me Loreal?!

19 Feb

Happy Friday beauties! I’m being a little dramatic today because I’m so disappointed waaahh.


So after all amazing reviews about the Loreal Infallible 24 – hour foundation I couldn’t wait to try it.
My current holy grail is the Estee Lauder Double wear, but it’s a little pricey so I’ve been looking for a cheaper foundation to use during the week. So I bought the Loreal and I am not impressed!
I’ve tried applying this different ways. With a really damp Real techniques miracle sponge. I also tried a brush and my fingers. This foundation was impossible to blend on my skin. Aside from that it looks powdery and cakey. The bottle says demi- Matte. I disagree. This is matte like matter than matte. My skin is oily and this foundation managed to make my skin look really dry. It was even uncomfortable on my skin. As the hours went by it got more uncomfortable. At the moment I do have some dry spots due to some spot treatments on acne. So I decided maybe it’s just my skin. So I tested it today. I applied my Double Wear foundation and as always, even with some dry spots, the foundation looked flawless.

So the verdict. I hated this foundation. Everything about it other than the color match was a miss for me. I’m so disappointed that this didn’t work with my skin. For now it’s going in the back of my makeup drawer. Since I live in AZ maybe mid summer it will become useful. Until then, my search continues.

First Impression

15 Feb

Hello lovelies!
Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day. I’ve spent most of my day packing for our big move tomorrow, but my husband did take me to Ulta today and guess what I finally found!!! The NYX LINGERIE LIPSTICK! It’s finally in stores at Ulta. I’ve been waiting for this since they released them on their website. Now, out of all the shades I wanted they only had one. So I’ll have to wait until they stock up again for the rest of the shades I want.


I was able to snag Exotic. So as the title says this is a first impression. As soon as I bought it and got in my car I put it on. With that being said I didn’t exfoliate my lips and moisturize before applying which I highly recommend with any matte lip product. I’m sure you’ve all read and seen how the packaging looks like. It’s really cute and the applicator is really easy to work with. The formula! Now I know what everyone means about how the formula is so Flippin amazing! It’s like whipped heaven on your lips. So velvety and easy to apply. The color I got is really pigmented. I just did one application and it almost instantly started drying. I would say it took 30-45 seconds to completely dry. It’s really comfortable on the lips and does not transfer like at all.

I’ve been wearing it now for 3 hours and looks just as how it looked when I first applied it. I’m now beginning to wonder how I’m going to remove it haha.

Here it is on my lips (I didn’t get a chance to really do my makeup today):


I’m really loving this liquid lipstick I highly recommend it and I can’t wait to find Honeymoon and Embellishment I’m in love right now! ❤❤❤

I also picked up the Loreal Infallible 24 hour pro matte foundation. So look for that review soon!

Until next time beauties!